Frequently Asked Questions

Megeve is low - will there be snow?

Yes it is low, but nobody would invest billions on developing one of the largest ski areas in France if the snow was not reasonably reliable.See our Snow Guarantee

Do you provide towels and soap in your chalets?

Yes.  We provide a hand towel and large bath towel for each guest. In the Sylvana and Rond Point we provide liquid soap, in the Clochettes we provide a range of toileteries.

What do you do in the summer?

This is the most often asked question in the resort. Partly it's a conversation opener with our staff who have a variety of summer jobs. For us (the management) it's the busiest time. Sorting out last year's accounts, getting the new prices on the web site, organising maintenance, getting all the safety inspections done and so on. But most importantly selling holidays. Often by the end of August we are more than 50% full. Of course the other reason for asking is from people who want to visit Megeve in the summer. Megeve is wonderful, with lots to do. In Summer, we run Hotel Rond Point as a Bed & Breakfast and Chalets Sylvana and Les Clochettes are available on a self-catered basis. Call for details or click on the menu above.

How do you pronounce Megeve?

The "Meg" part is pronounced like Mej  - a soft g. The "¨ve" is like kev, not like evie or jeev.  In french it has an accent "Megève" but we don't use that in our website because Google searches treat è and e differently.