Megeve Snow Reports

17th Febuary, 2017

It hasn't snowed for a week but most of the pistes are in perfect condition. Today was sunny in the morning but clouded over later - maybe a little new snow coming - forecast uncertain.  Its school holidays for Paris, UK and most of Europe, so the really popular easy-to-reach pistes are a bit busy but you can get away and find deserted pistes.  

Olympique St Nicholas Megeve.jpg

The key to french holiday skiing in Megeve is to get up early - the Parisians don't really get going until 11, so the first 2 hours are great.  The picture above is the Olympique piste in the St Nicholas area, taken at about 11.30.

9th Febuary, 2017

The sun finally came out for a few hour this morning.  We had about 50cm new snow in the past week and the pistes are now perfect and its getting colder again making the off-piste lighter.  There is still plenty of untracked snow. Below is a pic of Kathryn this morning. 

K off piste 090217.png

It's the first week of the Paris holidays but the slopes are not crowded.  Perhaps the Parisians have been put off by the poor early season snow and decided not to come.  On our home page there is a picture of the Cote 2000 lift at 1pm - all the seats empty. We skied straight onto lifts all morning, not even a hint of a queue.

5th Febuary, 2017

Started snowing again sometime during the night and snowed all day.  About 30-40cm on the mountain since Friday.  Here is a picture in the old town at lunchtime.

4th February, 2017

About 15cm of fresh snow last night and snowing this morning.  Very windy.  Sunny spell late morning but clouded over by lunchtime.  More snow forecast tonight, tomorrow and for most of next week. Great piste skiing and some off-piste.  This pic is actually on a piste, groomed last night but well covered this morning. Everything fully open, except some lifts stopped because of the wind this morning.

3rd February, 2017

A light dusting of new snow on the pistes this morning and more forecast this weekend.

24th January - Powder fun on Bluebird days!

Brilliant conditions in Megeve at the moment. Beautiful blue skies and plenty of snow. Be sure to wrap up though as temperatures are well below zero

Take a look at this picture below sent in by a guest - perfect snakes through fresh powder.... hurry out!

14th January, 2017

About 30-40cm snow last night and it snowed all day today so virtually all the pistes and lifts are open.  The pistes are perfect and the off-piste is knee deep and fluffy.

13th January, 2017


It started to snow yesterday evening and by this morning there was about 15cm of new snow.  It snowed most of the day and is continuing this evening.  Forecast to continue until Sunday/Monday. Very cold skiing today and some lifts had frozen cables and started late. The expectation is that 80% or more of the pistes will be open from tomorrow.  The pistes are perfect and there is a lot of off-piste to be found.  Lots of Chamonix skiers around - Chamonix has very little open because they need a metre of snow to cover the rocks  - luckily most of the base in Megeve is pasture, so you don't need much snow. 

11th January, 2017


It snowed for most of the day yesterday and dawned sunny this morning.  About 8cm of new snow so the pistes were perfect.  There was a little off-piste (see above) but the cover was thin - luckily most of the base in Megeve is pasture, so you don't need much snow.  The forecast is for about 50-70cm over the next few days  so hopefully we will be almost fully open by the weekend.

10th January, 2017

There was a little snow a couple of days ago and the Croix de Christ bowl is  open via the Clementine ridge - a very nice run. Today it started snowing at about 10am and is forecast to continue until early tomorrow, then heavy snow Thursday and Friday and for the foreseeable future.  Two more pistes opened today - Olympique on Rochebrune and the Mont Rosset red so there is now quite a lot of skiing.  The pisteurs are on alert that days off may be cancelled on Thursday so they can open a lot more.   There are now about 20 pistes open including three long greens from the top to the bottom of Rochebrune, Mont D'Arbois and Bettex and several long blues and reds.   Hopefully the Thursdays snow will mean a lot more will be open on Friday.

5th January, 2017

It snowed overnight and this morning bringing about 8cm of new snow to freshen up the pistes.  It was very cold and windy today.  There are now about 14-15 pistes open including three long greens from the top to the bottom of Rochebrune, Mont D'Arbois and Bettex.   Hopefully the new snow will be enough for a few more pistes to open.  More snow forecast for early next week.

Chamonix Meteo

Good short term weather forecast.  Reasonably reliable.



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