Megeve is very well located for exploring the region.



The resort of Chamonix is a short 40 minute drive away and is well worth a trip. You can take the cable car up to the Aiguille du Midi for fantastic views over the Vallee Blanche (the longest, highest ski run in Europe). It is 3,500m at the top and surrounded by glaciers. If you're feeling brave, you can take a second cabin across the top of the glacier to Italy - a stunning experience, if a little hair-raising! A more sedate option is to take the mountain railway (the Montenvers) from Chamonix which takes you to the bottom of the Vallee Blanche run. From here you can walk down to the foot of the glacier and explore the ice caves. 

Chamonix also has a mountain nature reserve, the Parc de Merlet, that allows you to see some of the alpine animals that normally stay well hidden.

Samoens and Sixt a Cheval

The protected village of Samoens is only an hour away. Visit the famous alpine gardens with fountains and cascades, landscaped trees, the ruins of the 12th century Tornalta castle and over 8000 plants from all over the world. In the afternoon, why not continue to the Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval national park and take a walk in fantastic scenery. There are waterfalls and even plunge pools for a bracing dip! 


Annecy is an historic town of cobbled streets, tiled roofs and beautiful canals. There is also a beautiful castle and of course the fabulous lake. Why not take a boat ride for the afternoon and explore?


The charming spa town of Evian-les-Bains is also close to Megeve and is a favoured destination. It is an enchanting blend of traditional Alpine village, turn-of-the-century luxury spa and modern vacation resort. Stroll the tree-lined, lakefront esplanade, visit the town's 13th century Gothic church and revitalize your body and mind. 


Last but not least Switzerland and Italy are only a short car ride away. Why not take the Mont Blanc tunnel through to the picturesque resort of Courmayeur for the day and view Mont Blanc from a different angle. Or, drive through Chamonix over the mountain pass via some fantastic mountain scenery to the beautiful lakeside town of Montreux, Switzerland and stock up on chocolate!